• Rayne Louisiana Umbrella Insurance

    Rayne Louisiana Umbrella Insurance – Important Insurance to Protect You Financially.

    Rayne Louisiana Umbrella InsuranceIf you are looking for Umbrella Insurance in Louisiana to protect your personal interests or your business look no further than the Hearod-Lyons Insurance Group. 

    It is important to invest in the right insurance protection that will protect you financially from claims that may be catastrophic in nature and Umbrella Insurance is a powerful and affordable way to protect your assets. 

    Who Are We?

    We are a leading independent agency in Louisiana offering insurance for your business or your personal needs such as Automobile, Homeowners, Life, or Umbrella Insurance in Louisiana.

    Call 337-514-2153 to speak with our insurance specialist Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Central Standard Time.

    Or you can request quotes seven days per week using our online system based on the line of coverage you need below:

    Rayne Louisiana Umbrella Insurance – Umbrella Insurance Is for Everyone!

    Umbrella insurance is not only for the rich; it’s for anyone who wants extra protection to safeguard their financial future.

    In a previous claim scenario we considered a situation where a $1,750,000 judgment was assessed against Bradley Hunter for negligent supervision of a minor.

    Tony Howser, a minor visiting Bradley’s sons, was paralyzed from the neck down because of an accident while the boys were attempting to jump over ramps in imitation of “Evel Knievel”.

    Fortunately Bradley had the foresight to purchase a $2 million umbrella policy years ago and he kept it up which protected him from this large judgment.

    What Is Negligent Supervision and How Could It Happen to You?

    It is when a parent or caretaker does not properly supervise minors and an injury occurs.

    Interestingly, negligent supervision can also apply to caretakers for the elderly or employers who improperly supervise their employees.

    The law may allow financial compensation to be provided to the injured party for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and future income losses.

    In the fictitious example, Bradley Hunter did not supervise his sons or Tony Howser and was held liable for the injury.

    Negligent Supervision can hold any caretaker, parent, or employer accountable who had a legal obligation to supervise but failed to do so.

    Louisiana Umbrella Insurance – This Important Coverage Can Save You Financially!

    A Louisiana Umbrella Insurance, for a very small premium, can provide a large coverage amount and is a wise investment to safeguard your financial future.

    Why not call us today if you’re shopping for Umbrella Insurance in Rayne Louisiana or any of the Louisiana Parishes?

    Our direct number is 337-514-2153 and one of our insurance specialist would be happy to review coverage options with you.

    Additionally you can request quotes around the clock when using our online system based on the line of coverage you need below:

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