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    House Insurance Rayne La – Insurance Protection From a Name You Can Trust!

    House Insurance Rayne La If you are looking for Automobile or House Insurance in Rayne Louisiana look to the protection team of Hearod-Lyons Insurance Group. 

    We are a leading independent agency in Rayne Louisiana offering highly competitive insurance products from top-rated companies. 

    Call us today by dialing 337-514-2153 or if you find our website after normal business hours feel free to use our online rate quote system that is available 24/7 when clicking on any link below: 

    House Insurance Rayne La – Make Sure You Are Fully Protected! 

    Insurance is inherently complicated and the biggest mistake policyholders make is assuming coverage is identical between companies or that what you have is sufficient to cover claims and accidents you may be found legally liable for. 

    We take an educational approach. We like to use claim scenarios, some of which are completely fictitious and others are true but the names and circumstances have been changed. 

    In a previous post we learned about Bradley Hunter, his two teenage two sons Alexander and Mitchell, plus a friend of his boys’ named Tony Howser. 

    A life altering injury happened to Tony on Bradley’s property involving an ATV accident. You can read about this account by clicking on Rayne La Home Insurance to learn the particulars of the accident. 

    The parents filed a $2 million lawsuit against Bradley and his wife. Tony’s parents based their lawsuit on something called Negligent Supervision of a minor. 

    Tony’s injury was of course a tragedy. He will never be able to walk again. A $2 million lawsuit is a scary thing, too. 

    As soon as Bradley Hunter was served the lawsuit papers he contacted his agent, a claim was set up, and within a few days an attorney from their insurance company named Joseph Ernst called explaining that they were investigating the claim. 

    A few days later Joseph called back to let Bradley know they had hired a local defense attorney to handle the case. 

    Bradley asked Joseph if his $2,000,000 umbrella that he purchased years ago would be used to pay the claim. The attorney explained to Bradley that his home insurance liability coverage would extend first to any possible settlements. 

    Joseph encouraged Bradley to cooperate fully with the law firm. 

    In our next post we will learn what happened with the lawsuit. 

    House Insurance Rayne La – Buy the Right Coverage or Face Out of Pocket Expenses. 

    It is so important to ensure you purchase sufficient coverage for your needs. Buying the wrong coverage or amount may lead to dire financial circumstances for yourself. 

    For this reason speak to the protection team of Hearod-Lyons Insurance Group and ask us about our coverage checklists. 

    Our coverage checklist can help point out deficiencies in your overall insurance plan. 

    Call to speak with our licensed agents at 337-514-2153 or feel free to use our online rate system that is available seven days per week, 24 hours per day when clicking the link below for your individual needs: 

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