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    Price Is Important — but Coverage Is Even More So!

    If you have not guessed by now we are big believers in encouraging policyholders to take measured steps to understand what their insurance policies cover, and what they do not cover. 

    In five previous articles we considered this in some detail. You can read those articles by clicking any of the links below:

    We discovered a budding entrepreneur named Wally Whiz who got himself into a tight corner legally and financially.

    He’s facing federal criminal charges for running an illegal fireworks factory out of his garage and on top of that he receives a claim denial for the destruction of his home, garage, and the significant damage the fireworks explosion caused his next door neighbor Ellie’s house.

    This of course is a completely fictitious account and we can’t really advise you on the legality of running a fireworks factory from your house, but we are pretty sure it will land you in jail if you decide to do this yourself and your product explodes, or someone simply turns you in.

    Let’s now examine from an insurance standpoint why the claim was denied by Wally’s Insurance Company.

    Home Insurance Abbeville La — Claim Denial Explained!

    First of all you should understand that neither your car nor homeowners insurance policy is designed to cover business exposures. Home insurance was designed to cover only one thing — your home, from losses that are covered. 

    A business that is operating out of your home presents a risk to the insurance company that they do not wish to accept. 

    Because of this fact, built in exclusions of coverage are embedded within the insuring agreement of the typical homeowners insurance policy that give the insurer the legal right to refuse to pay claims associated with business exposures, which in Wally’s case is very clear. 

    How is this listed in a Home Policy?  Let’s review one insuring agreement – Keep in mind that the insuring agreement we will now consider may not be the same as all insuring agreements underwritten by various insurance companies in Louisiana — In other words insurance companies are free to modify the insuring agreements that change what is covered, or not covered. 

    Let’s first examine the liability exposure Wally faced from the damage that the fireworks explosion caused to his neighbor Ellie’s house: 

    The Louisiana Home Insurance Exclusion:

    Coverage E – Personal Liability Coverage — Coverages E does not apply to the following:

    1. “Business”

    a. “Bodily injury” or “property damage” arising out of or in connection with a “business” conducted from an “insured location” or engaged in by an “insured”, whether or not the “business” is owned or operated by an “insured” or employs an “insured”. 

    The fireworks explosion causing the damage to Ellie’s home was due to Wally’s fireworks business being run from his garage. This caused Wally’s insurance company to deny liability for the damage to Ellie’s home. 

    The destruction of Wally’s home and garage may be interpreted several ways based on the exclusion you will see below: 

    Losses we do not cover under Coverage A – Dwelling Protection – or Coverage B – Other Structures Protection:

    Any substantial change or increase in hazard, if changed or increased by any means within the control or knowledge of an insured person. 

    The increased hazard is the fireworks factory. The fireworks factory in Wally’s garage did not appear out of thin air. Wally created his fireworks business with his full knowledge, and since Wally is the policyholder he is an insured person.

    There isn’t a single insurance company in Louisiana that would allow their policyholders to operate a fireworks factory from their detached garage because of the devastating possibilities of loss. 

    If Wally would have called his agent, and assuming his agent did not ignore the fireworks factory in the garage, Wally’s home insurance policy would have been immediately canceled by his insurance company because of the substantial change or increase in hazard. 

    The activity Wally was engaged in is a business activity, and should have been properly covered by a business insurance policy. 

    So as you can clearly see, insurance is not as simple as the price you pay for the protection you buy. You really need to dig into your coverage by reading, examining, and asking questions when something is not clear — otherwise you might be on the receiving end of a claim denial by your insurer! 

    Stay tuned to future articles we post on this website and through social media. 

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