• Car Insurance Rayne Louisiana

    Car Insurance Rayne Louisiana – Same Day Coverage! 

    Car Insurance Rayne Louisiana

    When you need Home or Car Insurance in Rayne Louisiana or any of the surrounding areas you will not find a better place to buy than the Hearod-Lyons Insurance Group. 

    We offer over-the-telephone quotes when you call 337-514-2153 and speak to our licensed agents, or for your convenience we also offer online rate quotes that are available seven days per week, 24 hours per day when you click the below links for the insurance you need: 

    Car Insurance Rayne Louisiana – Watch out for Policy Exclusions! 

    An exclusion is a legal provision within any insurance policy that disallows coverage for certain types of claim events.

    All insurance policies have exclusions that are not necessarily universal or the same between carriers. 

    In our previous article, which you can read by clicking on Auto Insurance Rayne Louisiana, we learned that Steve and Randy Jackson (brothers) started a part-time business offering a rideshare service to those who frequent nightclubs and bars using Randy’s rusted out 1987 pickup truck. 

    For 15 bucks the brothers will take you anyplace you want to go in the city as long as you don’t mind riding in the back of the pickup truck. 

    The brothers pick up a customer named Reggie, who is quite inebriated, and he promptly gets sick while riding in the back of the pickup truck. As Reggie leaned over the side of the truck Randy hit a pothole in the road, causing Reggie to fall out.  

    The brothers brought Reggie to the local emergency room and because he did not have insurance Reggie sends the bill to Randy, expecting him to pay. 

    Randy turns a claim in to his car insurance company because he has $10,000 of coverage for medical payments. 

    Will his policy pay? Let’s find out. 

    Car Insurance Rayne Louisiana – Rideshare Claims Covered? 

    Randy receives a letter from his insurance company. It states that his company is investigating the claim based on a reservation of rights. 

    Randy has no idea what a reservation of rights letter is. He looks it up on Google and finds out that his insurance company may not pay the claim. 

    Steve and Randy discuss this situation over breakfast the next morning. The brothers both figure it was Reggie’s own fault that he was drunk in the first place and is lucky he didn’t get killed when he fell out of the pickup truck, so they don’t think the claim is a big deal,or their responsibility. 

    Two weeks later Reggie, Randy and Steve receive a claim denial from the insurance company. 

    What specific reason was given for the claim denial? We will consider that in our next article. 

    Hearod Lyons Insurance Group – A Name You Can Trust! 

    When you need low-cost Home or Car Insurance in Rayne Louisiana there is no better place to buy insurance. We offer great prices and advice you can trust. 

    Why not call us today by dialing 337-514-2153 

    Our licensed agents are standing by Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Central Standard Time, or you can use our convenient online rate quote system that is available 24 hours per day by clicking any of the links below:

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