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    Business Insurance Crowley Louisiana

    If you’re searching for Business Insurance in Crowley Louisiana and the surrounding areas you have found the right company.

    Hearod-Lyons Insurance Group is a leading Crowley Louisiana Independent Agency conveniently located and serving the business insurance needs of both small and large companies throughout the State of Louisiana.

    Call us by dialing 337-514-2153 or click on Business Insurance Crowley Louisiana to send us your request for Business Insurance 24 hours per day.

    Hearod-Lyons Insurance Group offers a variety of Crowley Louisiana Business Insurance solutions and we can provide the exact business insurance you need for your company at a price lower than our competitors.

    Business Insurance Crowley Louisiana – What Coverage Do You Need?

    This is a great question and one we can help you with.

    Keep in mind that the type of commercial insurance you need for your business depends entirely on what type of product or service you offer.

    For example: What is needed for a Retail Store will be different compared to what is needed for Auto Repair Garage, a Roofing Contractor, Florist, a Trucker, or an Accountant or Real Estate Agent.

    Retail stores will likely need coverage for any owned or leased buildings, business property such as furniture, computers, shelving etc.

    In addition retail stores carry inventory so it would be necessary to purchase insurance for the products you are selling. Because your inventory can fluctuate there are a variety of different ways to cover your inventory.

    Louisiana General Liability Insurance protects your business from claims or lawsuits for injury or property damage you are found liable for.

    Workers compensation insurance in Crowley Louisiana covers your employees if they become sick or injured due to work-related activities.

    Coverage for employee theft is important in the event you become the victim of employee embezzled or theft.

    You likely have signs advertising your retail store so you would need coverage for any outdoor signs or glass.

    Louisiana Employment Practices Liability Insurance is protection for your business against employee lawsuits whether they have any merit or not.

    Louisiana Cyber Liability Insurance protects you from Data Breaches, Denial of Service Attacks, and loss of income in the event your systems are shut down due to hackers.

    Louisiana Inland Marine insurance coverage will protect business equipment that is not necessarily located on your premises operating outside of your retail space.

    Business Insurance Crowley Louisiana – What Is Missing Can Harm You Financially.

    Ted and Francine Benoit own Chick Rattle and Roll Dry Cleaners which just so happens to be one of the largest dry-cleaning chains in the state.  They own and manage 37 different locations with more than 500 employees. In addition to dry-cleaning they are heavily involved in working with insurance companies in Louisiana for water and fire restoration claims.

    Ted and Francine started their dry-cleaning business 29 years ago and many are long-term employees including one Jeanette Hooklineandsinker who happens to be the Benoit’s CFO.

    Unbeknownst to Ted and Francine Jeanette has a gambling problem and owes more than $250,000. Because Jeanette is the CFO of Chick Rattle and Roll Dry Cleaners she has been skimming around $8000 per month for the last 24 months to cover her gambling habits.

    Suspecting someone was stealing, Ted and Francine hired a forensic accountant named Steve Hennessy. Steve discovered the theft and to their utter shock discovered it was their long-term employee, friend, and confidant, Jeanette Hooklineandsinker.

    Steve estimates that nearly $200,000 has been stolen by Jeanette and recommends that criminal charges should be filed immediately.

    Ted and Francine decide before they file criminal charges they wish to speak with Jeanette in the presence of their attorney.

    Jeanette who has never spoken an unkind word to any person immediately shows a different disposition as she accuses Ted and Francine of taking advantage of her over the years by not compensating her adequately.

    She adamantly denies the accusations claiming that she will file a lawsuit for defamation because Ted and Francine are damaging her “good” reputation although other than the forensic accountant and their attorney no one is aware of the situation.

    The meeting is very hostile and Ted and Francine are witnessing a side of Jeanette they have never seen before so they advise her she has 24 hours to repay the $200,000 and a security guard escorts Jeanette off the premises. Ted and Francine’s attorney also likewise advise that criminal charges should be filed.

    Both the forensic accountant and Ted and Francine’s attorney also suggest that a claim be filed with their insurance policy. To their shock they discover they only have $10,000 of coverage for employee theft.

    Jeanette has no way to repay the monies owed to Ted and Francine. She is charged, convicted and given a prison sentence of ten years.

    Business Insurance Crowley Louisiana – When You Need It Call Us!

    When you need any type of Business Insurance in Crowley Louisiana and the surrounding areas contact the specialists at Hearod-Lyons Insurance Group.

    We are a leading Independent Agency in Crowley Louisiana and can help you find the coverage you need for your business.

    Call us at 337-514-2153 or click on any of the links below for the insurance you need:

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